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At Tomico, we believe that diversity in the workplace makes for a strong team. Our corporate culture fosters a collaborative work environment where each team member brings their skills and creativity to complete integrated building and restoration projects.

Why work at Tomico?

  • Work on stimulating projects

    We offer you the opportunity to work on diverse and ambitious projects, allowing you to develop your skills and continuously learn new things.

  • We focus on your full potential

    Are you an achiever? We give you the means to accomplish your goals. We particularly focus on people’s inner potential for advancement opportunities.

  • Work for a people-centred company

    At Tomico, people are our core focus. We cultivate a caring and respectful work environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

  • Enjoy work-life balance

    We establish concrete measures to help you reconcile your professional and family obligations.

  • Be part of the solutions

    Your opinion counts! We encourage initiative and innovation. You’ll be able to propose ideas and participate meaningfully in projects.

  • Interact with inspiring colleagues

    Be surrounded by passionate people. Share your knowledge, learn from others and be part of a collaborative effort.


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Proud to work at Tomico

Superintendent since 2019. There is great trust internally. I am able to do my job the way I like it and the way I want. It’s like running a small business in a big company, but focusing entirely on my work on construction sites. Good atmosphere with people who have been there for a long time. A wonderful sharing of knowledge and skills.

Eric Berardinucci


A great company with a good work ethic and quality projects. We work on really diverse projects, this helped me develop a lot of great skills. I've learned a lot, they are very good at teaching new things and take the time to teach them well. At Tomico they want you to stay, like your job and be able to learn as much as possible. Good work/family environment. My colleagues have been working here for a long time and they know each other well.

Emilie Nepveu

Apprentice Worker

I have been working with Tomico since 2015. I really like the company's values, especially their family value. Everyone gets along really well and I love the jovial side of the team. There is great respect between colleagues.

Steve Deveault


The construction field was brand new to me and I had the opportunity to work at Tomico. I love the atmosphere with my colleagues, whether it’s the superintendents, the carpenters or the administration, everyone is always smiling.

Lucas Labeguerie


I started at Tomico 15 years ago now. I like their values, the atmosphere and the proximity with my colleagues. We always have great recognition and I love the family spirit. We work as a team and it’s a win!

Laurent Daigneault

Superintendent/Coordinator and dean of employees

What I like most is the freedom we have at work. We have a great team, good apprentices, good companions. We are all a chain for success. A great team spirit, and great chemistry. Motto: The customer is at the center of the discussion and we can make a difference in people's lives by taking charge of the burden related to construction.

Gabriel St-Onge


What I appreciate at Tomico is the teamwork. Everyone has their own position, but we work together between the different departments with the same goal in our achievement. Even though I don't come from the construction field, I quickly realized that I was joining a great company.

Alec Godbout

Logistics Manager

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