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Our mission is to preserve the history and beauty of these century-old buildings, often neglected for decades, by rehabilitating them to meet today’s needs (ventilation, fire protection, and network systems, etc.).

Building on history

Old-world craftsmanship serving modernity

Restoring heritage buildings is a complex and demanding process that requires unique expertise. We thrive on challenges and don’t let the complex aspects daunt us. That’s what drives us—day in, day out.

Our fields
of expertise

  • Restoration of old
    and historic buildings

    Whether it’s to restore a stone facade, add modern equipment or coordinate upgrades to meet today’s standards, Tomico is committed to performing high-quality work that respects the building’s history and architecture, while accommodating clients’ needs.

  • Conversions of
    heritage buildings

    When it comes to converting historic buildings, such as turning a former textile factory into an office building, Tomico’s expertise shines. Reconciling today’s technical requirements with the charm and elegance of the past is quite a feat.

  • Rehabilitation of
    building envelopes

    Working closely with experts, Tomico specializes in implementing remedial work for cases involving design or construction defects, as well as for facade maintenance and complete facade rehabilitation.

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Turnkey support

A proven project management process

  1. Client meeting

    It’s at this point that we establish a relationship of trust. We share our vision, our methodology and our building restoration skills.

  2. Budget and timeline

    Our team undertakes to provide detailed periodic monitoring throughout the entire project, producing transparent reporting on costs, timelines and work progress. We operate on an open-book policy, giving you access to all invoices and receipts.

  3. Project execution and final delivery

    Our undertaking at this stage is to provide quality service and the best possible client experience within the agreed-upon timelines and budget.

  4. Post mortem

    The end-of-project review is a key step at Tomico. By internally identifying strong points as well as areas needing improvement. At the client’s request, Tomico can also conduct a post-mortem.

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